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How to invite amiibo card villager to your AC New Horizon’s campsite for the Nintendo Switch:

1. Enter Resident Services and access Nook Stop
2. Select “Invite Camper” & follow the instructions
3. Place your amiibo card to your NFC touchpoint on your Switch
4. Invite your villager to your campsite & go vist them
5. Craft the item the villager requested, then give it to them
6. You will have to re-invite the villager to your campsite the next day & once again, craft the item they want
7. Repeat Step 6 again
8. On the 3rd day, after you craft the item for the villager, they will agree to move onto your island!

    How to invite amiibo card villager to Harvey’s Island in AC New Horizons:

    1. Travel to Harvey’s Island
    2. Enter Harvey’s house
    3. Press the down button to enable room editor
    4. Place Amiibo card on the NFC touchpoint and the villager will appear

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